5 Easy Changes to Start Living Life More Sustainably

Living sustainably doesn’t have to mean living a life free of the fine and good things in life. It all has to do with being mindful of the resources you consume day-in and day-out, and the way you use them. How we live affects our environment and leaves an impact for the generations to come. That’s just a fact. So, being sustainable ensures you leave the smallest footprint you can, while enjoying better health, safety and reduced expenses in the process! With ongoing climate change and the declining health of our planet, environmental sustainability has never been more important.

Let’s check out five simple changes you can make to start living more sustainably.

1. Ditch the single-use plastics.

Plastic pollution is no joke. It’s leaving a hazardous impact on our planet along with the species that live here. And the impacts it’s leaving on our oceans is devastating. Going plastic-free is easier than you think. Eliminate your use of disposable cups, bottled water and plastic straws by keeping a reusable bottle on hand. They even make super cute reusable metal straws like these.

Keep reusable shopping bags in your trunk so you don’t end up piling up plastic grocery bags, and take the veggies home naked (without the bag). Saran wrap? Forget it. Get yourself some beeswax food wrap like this. For more tips on living a plastic-free lifestyle, check out this article from Forage and Sustain.

2. Revamp your relationship with water.

Bottled water not only leads to unnecessary waste, but drinking it can also add up. If you live in a place where tap water is fresh, use that instead or filter it with a nice looking kitchen accessory like SOMA. As far as conserving your use of water goes, opt for shorter showers and planned out laundry loads. Turn the sink off when you’re brushing your choppers, and look into watering your yard with well or reclaimed water.

3. Get logistically creative.

Driving takes a toll on the carbon footprint you create. Choose to walk or bike to your local favorites when possible to lower your consumption of fossil fuels. Traveling by plane? Calculate the carbon dioxide equivalent you’re on the hook for using an online calculator, and then find a carbon offset program to support to cancel out your pollution.

4. Shop wisely.

Each product produced and purchased has some sort of an environmental impact. When shopping for food, look into your local farmers market instead of purchasing packaged plastic products shipped from around the country. Not only are they a healthier, organic option, but they also curb transportation pollution. And again, keep your reusable bags on hand at all times. A single plastic bag takes up to 100 years to decompose, which is potentially longer than any of our lifetimes here.

5. Unplug when possible.

Reducing your use of electricity and appliances is one simple way to live more sustainably, and to live more in the present moment. Small changes like turning off the lights in unused rooms or switching off the AC when you’re out can make a lasting change. Not to mention your bills will be thank you as well.

Find Joy in Living the Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Each small step we take has an impact when it comes to living a more sustainable life. Our daily actions and habits make a difference on the health of our environment. For us, we find joy and peace knowing we can do our part to leave the planet better off for the generations to come, even if it seems like only in small ways.