From Health Care to Self-Care: Why Houseplants Are Awesome

No matter who we are or where we come from, from the smallest flat to the most lavish sunroom, a plant makes a difference. It looks to instantly wake up a room, literally breathing life into any space and filling it with a strange, incomparable beauty. To make room for a little nature in our homes is to make room for the random, the tender, the wild — and it turns out it does us a world of good, because, maybe surprisingly, there are many health benefits of houseplants.

The Very Real Health Benefits of Houseplants

— Plants improve air quality.

Without plant life, human life quite simply could not be existent on earth as we know it. Through their natural processes of photosynthesis and transpiration, plants create fresh oxygen, purify the air of toxins, and raise the humidity of our world (and therefore our homes too!).

— Plants help us stay calm and focused.

Do you have a small plant for your desk yet? Studies have shown that keeping plants in our workplaces improves productivity and focus— one of many mental health benefits of houseplants. They also help ease stress and promote feelings of wellbeing, generally helping us feel more at home in our surroundings.

— Plants heal.

When you bring a friend or colleague in the hospital a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant, you’re doing more than you might think. With their cheerful bedside manner, plants boost a meaningful appreciation for life and help us focus on the positive, an important part of any recovery.

— Plants keep us happy and mindful.

Even if you live in an Airstream and all you have is a small cactus, you probably know how much a plant can become a part of your life. They move with us, sometimes for years, through different phases of our lives Different cities, jobs, relationships. They experience growth spurts and setbacks just as we do and sometimes must hold tight through less than ideal situations before getting the chance to thrive.